Best Value Basics Course [EN2]

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In <3 hours time you will learn about the Best Value approach: the main principles and the methodology.  What are the phases in the model, what happens in every step, to what relevance, what is needed and what pitfalls and failures are there to whatch out for when putting Best Value into practice.


  • B certificate

Next level:

  • Best Value B+ certificate


  • 2,5 hour to watch videos and to self test your knowledge

Learning goals:

Understanding of

  • the basic principles of the Best Value Approach (Information Measurement Theory)
  • the ‘Best Value’ selection process (Performance Information Procurement System)
  • ‘Best Value’ risk management


  • Comprehension of the English language

Please note that the slides and the information in every video is coming at great speed. We advise you to pause the video at every slide and read every slide before listening to the presenter.